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Currently our preferred location for reporting of accidents is the Better Roads for Beechmont Facebook Page: However if you wish to view an archive of older accidents you can find it below…


September 25
Motorbike rider injured on Beechmont road. Half road closed.

March 8
Accident reported on Beechmont Road.

March 5
Severe accident reported via facebook on Beechmont Road. Road closed as a result.

March 2
A single vehicle car accident on Beechmont Road, Lower Beechmont.

January 26
Accident reported on Beechmont Road.

January 16
P-Plater accident on the corner of Beechmont Road and Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.


December 17
A man was left fighting for his life after two motorcycles and a car collided on Beechmont Road.

December 6
Single vehicle motorbike accident on Beechmont Road

August 29
Two separatemotorbike fatalities reported on Beechmont Road.

July 4
A 38-year-old male motorbike rider, an international tourist, dead after falling off back of motorbike on Beechmont Road.

April 18
A 33-year-old male motorcyclist killed on Beechmont Road.


November 12
A 32-year-old male driver of sedan died on Lower Beechmont Road.

June 1
Single vehicle traffic accident reported.

February 16
A young man on his green P’s has had a minor accident due to loosing control of a Toyota Ae86GT, the car engine was left running causing the car to catch fire.


September 15
A motorcyclist suffered only minor injuries despite being wrapped around a tree 2m down an embankment after his motorbike crashed off the edge of Beechmont Road at Lower Beechmont at about 10.40am. The man escaped with only an injured arm.


June 17
A 38-YEAR-old woman died after the motorbike she was riding went down an embankment on Beechmont Road.

April – May
Over the past three weeks BR4B has been advised of three separate major accidents involving vehicles and a motorcycle going off the road. Unfortunately we have no confirmed details or photographs. The latest occurred on Monday, May 14, resulting in a car being totalled having left the road on a straight stretch beteween Elimbah and Tarlington Streets.

 January 17
Two vehicles hit a patch of road that caused them to have separate accidents in a short space of time. One car crashed down embankment, the other, an SUV, overturned on the road. Seven people, including young children, were involved but fortunately none were seriously injured. BR4B is grateful to one of the drivers, Sarah, for correcting our previous report of this incident.


24 November
Ford Festiva skidded off road and crashed into tree when trying to negotiate a bend a few hundred metres downhill from Ingham Street. Beechmont Road was slippery after heavy rain.

8 November
Early morning incident – car heading up the road above Wagon Stop, wheels ran a little close to the edge, and it ended up crashing straight into a power pole on the left side of the road, preventing it from going over the steep side.

9 October
A motorcyclist travelling downhill towards the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road intersection with Beechmont Road crossed the centreline on the bend and collided with a car travelling in the opposite direction. Although the motorcyclist escaped serious injury, there was extensive damage to the car, including a shattered windscreen. This incident occurred only metres from the bend which was the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident in 2009.

25 September
Motorcyclist loses control of bike and crashes off road near Beechmont shop. Taken to hospital with leg and shoulder injuries.

4 September
Speeding light truck misses bend and leaves road 500m downhill from Ingham Street.

12 May
Oversize low-loader rig coming uphill carrying heavy excavator loses load into gully after trailer wheels slip off road on bend 150 mtrs south of Beechmont Village sign. Trailer slides off road, leaving rig straddled across bend, blocking road for over 6 hours.

29 April
Head-on collision between car and light truck on the twisty section between Mirani St and Elimbah Crt. Car written off but amazingly no serious injuries reported.

6 January
Yet another motorcycle accident, this time at same location as Incident #10, just below Elimbah St at about 5pm. Motorcycle appeared to have slipped on a bend and went into the embankment on side of road. No injuries.

3 January
Motorcyclist was lucky to escape serious injury after crashing over edge. Again, this incident happened on the same bend as incidents #14, #15, #19 and #28.


23 November
Motorcycle accident at 1:46pm about 1km from bottom of Beechmont Rd (same location as Incident #20). Details unknown.

21 April
Large flatbed truck going downhill around 1.00pm in wet weather failed to take bend near junction with Nerang-Murwillumbah Road and plunged over edge, ending up about 10 metres down and only prevented from crashing further by large trees. Fire & Rescue and Ambulance in attendance. This incident happened on the same bend as incidents 14, 15 and 19 on 28 April, 17 May and 16th July 2009.

29 March
Minor accident with car hitting cliffside approximately 2.9km from Nerang-Murwillumbah Road intersection.

28 March
Vehicle going uphill left road just below Brush Box Drive. The three young occupants were lucky to escape with minor injuries as car was only prevented from plunging further by coming to rest against tree a couple of metres below edge. Two more vehicles then involved when one rear-ended a stationary vehicle whose driver had stopped to assist


28 December
Vehicle over side, near Elimbah St. Fire & Rescue attended.

22 November
Car left road and over side, close to house number 451.

23 August
Speed-related motorcycle accident, approximately 3.00pm about 100 mtrs west of Binna Burra Rd. Tourist speeding in 60kmh area failed to negotiate the corner, resulting in a collision with a Lower Beechmont-resident motorcyclist coming in opposite direction.
(Thanks to Anna McRae for submitting this report).

3 August
Motorcycle accident, injuries sustained, on bend approx 900 m from Nerang-Murwillumbah Road intersection.

3 August
Car accident, about 950m – 1km from Nerang-Murwillumbah Road intersection.

19 July
Car collided with road sign on bend approx 1km from Nerang-Murwillumbah Road intersection.

16 July
Late model sedan seen being recovered by tow trucks around 10.30am after plunging off Beechmont Road near junction with Nerang-Murwillumbah Road (same area as incidents on 28 April and 17 May). Vehicle total wreck and appeared to have rolled several times.

19 June
Car over the edge just above Brush Box Drive on a tight bend.

21 May
Car went over the cliff just above the Lower Beechmont Shops. (Same location as Accident #1 on this Log. Main Roads have previously been advised of this dangerous section).

20 May
School bus reports that a car went over the cliff at Rosin’s Lookout. Unsure of injuries.

17 May
Motorbike went over the cliff side at the same corner as the fatality on the 28th of April.

28 April
Yet another tragic fatality of Motorbike rider. Poor condition of the road on a bend may have been a major contributor. The committee has cited many more sections of road that are fatalities waiting to happen.

26 April
Two vehicle collision. No fatalities recorded.

Motorbike accident at the bottom of Beechmont Road, not far from memorial plaque for young motorcyclist killed in a police pursuit in 2006.

23 March
Motorbike over the side of the road. Police and Ambulance in attendance.

16 February
Yet another car over the side of the road near Elimbah Court. No Guard Rail.

3 February
Two car collision on bend.

26 January
Car accident on Beechmont Road just up from the Local Shop (on the dangerous narrow section). MP (Dianne Reilly) informed. Police in attendance. Ambulance in attendance.

21 January
Main Roads Maintenance crew lose vehicle over the side of Beechmont Road near Bottle Tree Lane. MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.

18 January
Two car accident (about 605 Beechmont Road). Police and MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.


14 December
Major Single Motorbike and Car accident. Police and MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.

11 December
Two car accident (about 590 Beechmont Road). One vehicle sent over the side (no Guard Rail). Police and MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.

10 December
Single Motorbike accident (Bottle Tree Lane). Over the cliff side (no Guard Rail). Police and MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.

28 November
Motorbike over the side of the mountain. Police and MP (Dianne Reilly) informed.

4 November
Trailer tyre failed and pulled vehicle sideways as trailer went off the side of the road. Location – 1 km uphill from Laurel Cottage. Thanks to Leesa Wood for submitting this report.