We Need Your Support

What can you do to help?
Support us so we can demonstrate to the Politicians just how important the safety of this road is to us.

Do I need to do a lot of work?
No, we are willing to do most of the legwork, but we need your help and support when it comes time to make noise and beat the drums. Politicians will not listen to a group of 5. They will take an interest in a group of 50 . If we can get a group of 150, they will take us seriously.

Why would they listen to us?
Because our votes are enough to swing the local seat, and because when there is another fatal accident on Beechmont Road, we will ensure the local (and National) media is given all evidence of our pleas for help. It is just a matter of time before this happens again, and this time we will not keep quiet. Shame on any politican who does not commit to making Beechmont Road safe.

Beechmont is just a small country road, how can we justify money being spent on it?
Actually, Beechmont is a designated Main Road, which means it must fight for the same pool of funding as other Main Roads (eg. The M1). That should also mean the road (and our families) deserve the same degree of safety as other main roads in other Towns.

Traffic on Beechmont Road has risen significantly over the last few years. It is no longer a quiet, isolated road.

Should I be angry?
Yes. The road is dangerous, it has been dangerous for far too long and it is time to finally get an ironclad commitment to make it safe.

What can I do?

    • Email us your comments so that we can add your name (and e-mail address) to the list of supporters and keep you informed of how things are progressing
    • Email/phone/write to your local MP and the opposition to ensure there is an understanding that this issue will influence your vote:
      Qld State Parliament
      Ms Rosslyn (Ros) Bates – State Member for Mudgeeraba (Lower Beechmont & Advancetown)
      Mr Jon Krause – State Member for Beaudesert (Beechmont)
      Hon Stirling Hinchliffe – Minister for Transport & Commonwealth Games
      Hon Mark Bailey – Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports and Minister for Energy, Biofuels and Water Supply
      Mr Andrew Powell – Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads and Shadow Minister for Local Government
  • When the time comes for a petition and a Rally, please make the effort to attend and encourage others to do so also. Your community needs you, and your loved ones deserve a better, safer Beechmont Road

Better Roads for Beechmont….. If not for yourself, then for your children.