Each week, our little community watches as more and more vehicles make their way up and down Beechmont Road. Water, milk and freight trucks, school and tour buses, rental cars, vans, motorbikes, cyclists, and family cars all travel along this picturesque mountain road.

Every day many of these vehicles have near misses, often due to careless and thoughtless driver behaviour as well as the nature of this often narrow, winding and difficult-to-maintain road.

Disturbingly, every couple of weeks it seems there is a motor vehicle accident. Since late November 2008 when BR4B began keeping records there have been at least 26 serious crashes, including at least two fatalities.

Despite Beechmont Road being classed as a Main Road – and designated by the RACQ as Queensland’s Worst Road, it gets very little as its share of funding. Too many lives have been lost already and some serious action is needed rather than words before even more casualties occur.

Anyone who has driven this road appreciates the beauty of the area, and the unmistakeable lack of safety in its construction and maintenance.

Please take the time to browse through this site, look at the road and support us by either emailing us your comments or making contact with your local member to express your concern.